How to Sign up New Members

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Create Spaceport Account + Collect Payment

  1. Sit down at the welcome desk computer.
  2. Open Log out if someone else is logged in.
  3. Have the new member sign up using the web form
  4. Print the new members application forms and staple the pages together
  5. Have the member read, fill out, and sign the forms
  6. Collect the new members payment. Preferably using the PayPal QR code as it is the best method.
  7. Put the new members forms in the welcome desk drawer
  8. Log out of

After they have signed up

  1. Ensure the new member thoroughly understands the probationary period
  2. Show the new member how to Sign up for classes and arrange payment.
    1. BONUS: Sign the member up for the next New Members Orientation