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What is Protospace?

Protospace is a Makerspace, which is a physical place like a library or a gym where members can go to collaborate, learn, and use tools and equipment not normally available to individual artists or hobbyists, especially in urban centers.

Equipment and materials

Protospace is always acquiring new tools, but we currently maintain:

  • 3D printers
  • Laser cutters
  • Metal Lathe and Mill
  • Welders
  • Full wood shop with dust collection
  • Electronics repair tools

And more!

When can I visit/What are the open hours

Open to the public. We host a "Meet & Geek" open house every Tuesday night from 19:00 to 21:00 Visitors are welcome to come and tour the space, socialize, get some feedback or share ideas - as well as sign up for their own membership.

Open for Members 24/7. If you are a Probationary Member, you can come to the space any time there's a vetted "full" member present who is willing to host guests.

What is the sign up process?

  1. Visit Protospace (usually on a Tuesday evening)
  2. Get a tour and ask to sign up
  3. Fill out our Membership form
  4. Pay your first dues (Paypal or credit card at the space)
  5. Take the New Member Orientation course (about 1hr on safety and rules)
  6. Get two vetted members to vouch for you and sign your form
  7. Get vetted (A short introduction to the membership and chance for them to ask you a few questions)
  8. Get a keycard

At this point, you are a full member. Some tools will need additional training before you can use them; We offer this training as often as we can.

  • Make stuff!

You can see the list of current classes at

How much does it cost?

Our membership rate is $55 per month. A subsidized rate of $35 is available to students and those in need.

On sign-up, new members can pay 2 months' dues and receive a third month free. Up-front annual payments can also be made for the cost of 11 months, the 12th free.

How can I pay?

Set up a payment

Is there a minimum membership term or signup fee?

No, there is no minimum time or "contract". However, we do not offer "drop in" or "single month" memberships, as our expenses are fixed - you can suspend your membership temporarily once a year, but if you terminate your membership and wish to rejoin, you will have to re-take training and vetting as procedures change

How do I suspend my membership?

Email to go on "vacation" status

I didn't use the space at all last month, do I still have to pay my dues?


Where can I see the class and event schedule? shows our upcoming courses. For other events, keep an eye on the Protospace Google groups to hear what's going on.

How do I get involved? (and not feel like an outsider)

Lots of people often fish on the mailing list for help on projects. Often at times you can come to a Tuesday Meet & Geek and people will be spitballing ideas and they turn into projects. Be a spitballer.

Can I use all of the equipment?

Anything that doesn't require training is available to you after you complete the New Member Orientation and General Safety seminar. Larger, more dangerous or more specialized equipment require training. Generally, these machines are labelled, as well as noted on the tools we have page.

Can I store my stuff there or do I have to take it home each time?

Full members each get a small shelf for project store.

Large projects that need to take up space for multiple days must be pitched to the membership

Does Protospace offer training?

Protospace does not employ any staff, but many of our members choose to contribute by offering courses - these can be found at Other members will often be willing to offer guidance or help with your project, but nobody is under any obligation to do so, and it is not acceptable to pressure them or persist if they decline.

If you have a skill you'd like to share with everyone, we can help you get set up to offer a course of your own. We tend to be a helpful community that is willing to share, teach, and learn. It's reasonable to ask.

Are there people interested in (niche interest or pursuit)?

Oh, almost definitely. We have two of every animal.

Can I make things that I sell?

Yes. However, you cannot abuse the machines to make a deadline, or monopolize them for hours or days while other members need to use them. Protospace is a non-profit, community organization powered entirely by volunteers - nobody is making any money to run the place. So, if you use it to make money, you will need to contribute back in some way, either through volunteer effort or donation.

How can I get more information?

Most of our internal discussion happens on our Google Groups -

The discussion list on Google Groups is a great way to communicate with members.

Coming out to a Meet & Geek will get you introduced to lots of folks.