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Links and information for learning new skills


Metal Working

  • Blondiehacks lathe skills An excellent entry level youtube playlist intro to lathe cutting, measurement and operation theory.
  • Blondiehacks mill skills Similar to lathe skills...but for the mill.
  • This Old Tony General metalworking. Some welding, some CNC conversion, milling, grinding and assorted random projects, heavy on the dad jokes.


  • Building an 8bit breadboard computer An excellent deep dive into low level digital computing.
  • Keysight Labs Keysight promo channel, lots of great information on bench testing techniques and information. Heavy on the fancy Keysight equipment, but excellent knowledge regardless.


  • What is CNC? A high level introduction to CNC tools, workflow and introduction to feeds and speeds



  • Punished Props Academy Lots of tutorials on foam work, painting and weathering, vacuforming, mold making and casting.