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Protospace has a board of directors. This is a requirement of being incorporated under the Alberta Companies Act. The directors are elected annually, at Protospace's annual general meeting. In the eyes of the law, the directors are responsible for everything Protospace does, but, within Protospace's organizational structure, they are responsible for a lot less.

Directors' responsibilities

  • Managing the bank account
  • Paying bills
  • Performing reimbursements (currently)
  • Dealing with the landlord
  • Dealing with the governments
  • Making case-by-case decisions on small things that affect only one member at a time, such as eligibility for vacation status
  • Accessing the security video recordings when necessary

Things members may think are the directors' responsibilities, but actually can and should be done by other members

  • Making decisions that set policy or otherwise affect multiple members
  • Taking payments
  • Maintaining equipment
  • Accounting

Contacting the directors

You can contact the directors by sending an email to If your message is not confidential, you can also email, which goes to the directors and a few other members who have volunteered to answer questions and help members there.

Current directors

  • Andrea Friedrich
  • Eric Coyle
  • Jason Nickel
  • Tim Gopaul
  • Joe Piche

Past directors

2013 AGM– 2014 AGM– 2014 EGM (Oct. 18)– 2015 AGM– 2016 AGM– 2017 AGM– 2018 AGM– 2019 AGM– 2020 AGM- 2021 AGM- 2022 AGM- 2023 AGM- 2024 AGM
Alan Ferguson unknown
James Ravenhill unknown
Jim Akeson
John Jardine unknown
Kevin Loney
Mike Belanger unknown
Shannon Hoover unknown probably
Ben Eadie
Janet Mader until Dec. 1
Byron Hynes
Jamie Frost
Mike Morrow
Hayley Erza
Ian Oliver
Katryna Chan
Corbin Uhl
Emrah Atil
Matt Mulrooney
Kai Tucker
Andrea Friedrich
Scott Young
Jason Nickel
Eric Coyle
Steve Tsuida
Kent Brockman
Tim Gopaul
Joe Piche
Adrian Dmitra
Stanton Hogg


We have a sign that is posted in the space that lists the current directors and contact email addresses (as listed above). It should be updated and re-printed when the directors change. It can be found here. It can be edited by anyone who has write access to the Protospace Google Drive.