Calgary Mini Maker Faire 2016

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Protospace is attending Calgary Mini Maker Faire 2016 (August 20–21), which will be held at Telus Spark, the same location as the previous two years. We will have a large Protospace booth, and some members will have their own booths.

How to Help

  • Show up and help run the booth. First, sign up by posting in this thread or sending a private message to Kat—you won't get an exhibitor pass otherwise. Second, add your name to the schedule below (or, if you lack a wiki account and can't create one for some reason, or the table markup is too poorly organized to find where you want to put your name, tell Ian in person).
  • Bring or send your projects. First, tell us what you're bringing/sending in this same thread. Second, add them to the table below (or, again, tell Ian in person).
  • Help other members with last-minute work on their projects.
  • Tell your friends and family they should come to the Faire.


Preparation Show
Hour Thursday August 18th Friday August 19th Saturday August 20th Sunday August 21st

11 AM–4 PM: Early drop-off

4:30–8 PM: Load-in & setup
5–8 PM: Maker Meet & Greet

7–9 AM: Late setup
9–10 AM: Maker Faire Kick-Off
10 AM–5 PM: Showtime

10 AM–5 PM: Showtime
5–7 PM: Teardown & Load-out

7–8 AM closed closed Ian O?, Steve T? closed
8–9 AM Ian O?, Steve T?
9–10 AM Ian O?, Steve T?
10–11 AM Ian O, Kat C, Steve T Ian O, Kat C, Steve T
11 AM–noon Ian O, Steve T Ian O, Kat C, Steve T Ian O, Kat C, Steve T
noon–1 PM Ian O, Steve T Ian O, Kat C, Steve T Ian O, Kat C, Steve T
1–2 PM Ian O, Steve T Ian O, Kat C Ian O, Kat C
2–3 PM Ian O, Steve T Ian O, Kat C, Steve T Ian O, Kat C, Steve T
3–4 PM Ian O, Steve T Ian O, Kat C, Steve T Ian O, Kat C, Steve T
4–4:30 PM closed Ian O, Kat C, Steve T Ian O, Kat C, Steve T
4:30–5 PM Ian O, Steve T
5–6 PM Ian O, Steve T closed Ian O, Steve T
6–7 PM Ian O, Steve T Ian O, Steve T
7–8 PM Ian O, Steve T closed

People who refuse to pick specific times but intend to help when they feel like it:

  • Matt F

Preparation To-Do List

  • Print brochures
  • Create new walkthrough video
  • Create training list
  • Create new "Protospace Member" or whatever cards for members with their own booths.
  • Create mailing list/signup list/newsletter list to remind people we exist open house days. Electronic would be best.
  • Finish writing this to-do list

Booth Equipment Checklist

  • Brochures
  • Business cards
  • Power cords
  • Power bars
  • Monitor(s) + Raspberry Pi/other computer to show videos
  • Signup laptop
  • Tormach samples
  • Laser cutter samples
  • 3D printer samples
  • Operational 3D printer
  • "Tool Tower"?
  • Tablecloth
  • Something big that actually says "Protospace" on it, maybe 3 or 4 of those things.
  • Some tall stand thing to hang signs on maybe.

Member Projects

Please update this table as information changes.

In the submission status column, an empty checkbox does not necessarily mean that the maker has not submitted that form, only that they haven't updated the table or reported submitting the form to someone else who can update the table.

This table is sortable—click the arrows in the header row to sort.

Project Maker Going? Project status Location if not PS booth Notes
Protospace booth Everyone
(Contact: Byron H or Kat C)
Yes In progress
Protospace overview video Steve T Yes Done (last year's) / In progress?
Protospace VR Steve T Probably In progress?
Augmented reality sandbox Ian O, Kat C, Steve T Yes In progress
Large format camera Steve T Probably? Unknown
Chromatize Ian O Yes In progress. Will hopefully have a good display ready.
3D printed rocket project Ian O Probably Done for now
Allstrap outfit with LEDs Kat C Yes Outfit done or mostly done. LEDs need to be designed and added. Kat's body (mobile exhibit)
Giant crossbow Scott Y Yes Done Outside, especially if it is going to be fired
Electric trike thing Chris B Yes Done except the electric parts Outside? Chris will not be there, so someone else needs to keep an eye on it and tell people about it
Wimshurst machine Matt F Maybe Needs frame, spheres, capacitors, etc.
Electric bike Matt F Probably Done
CD destroyer Matt F Reluctant Semi-functional
Oil & vinegar bottle crates Matt F Maybe Done
HAL 8900 Byron H Probably? Done
Basszuka Danny P Yes Done
Squiggle generator and laser projector Danny P Maybe? Done
Stirling engine Danny P Maybe? In progress
Can crusher Danny P Yes Done
Wooden dummy Stephen W Yes Done
Tesla turbine Mike M Probably Done?