Calgary Mini Maker Faire 2015

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Protospace is attending Calgary Mini Maker Faire 2015, September 12-13. There's a room for hackerspaces, there's 20'x60' area for Protospace. Attendance is expected to be 5000+ people.

Things To Do

  • New brochure design
  • Brochure printing 2000+ copies
  • New business cards
  • New Protospace table cards
  • Tour video - ???
  • Laptop & screen - ???
  • Have website content backfilled - ???
  • Membership forms - ???

Protospace Content

Mostly-Sure Member Projects

  • Danny's upgraded Basszuka
  • Danny's laser squiggle generators
  • Danny's plasmacut BMX lights
  • Danny's pneumatic can crusher
  • Matt's CD Exploder (if working)
  • Matt's Electric Recumbent Bike (regardless of state)
  • Matt's Post-Apocalypse Carbine
  • David B's Electric Beaver
  • David B's 64x16 LED matrix gif player
  • French David's Knock Box & other small stuff
  • Byron's Hall 8900
  • Caleb's knives
  • Caleb's leatherwork

Maybe Member Projects

  • Matt's Induction Furnace (if working)
  • Matt's smaller Wimshurst machine
  • Chris G's blinky & noisy something
  • Wes may bring something
  • Tim may bring espresso maker things
  • David B (when not beavering aboot)

Cancelled Stuff

  • Calvenn's Sherline lathe/mill (has own booth)
  • Calvenn's First robot chassis (has own booth)

Suggested stuff

  • If you will make a demo piece, says so please!
  • 3d printer?
  • Lasercut samplse
    • Acrylic cut & engrave
    • Leather cut & engrave
    • Wood cut & engrave
    • Glass engrave
  • Tormach samples
    • Turner's cube
    • Han Solo Carbonite
  • Vacuum former sample

How to Help

  • Show up at Makerfaire, Sept 12-13 weekend.
  • Help man the booth for an hour or two or all day
  • Bring awesome stuff (see above)


People who are available on floating hours or unscheduled:

People who've committed to manning the booth (ideally 4+ people for all hours):

Hour Saturday 12-Sep Sunday 13-Sep
10am Travis, Matt, Danny Travis, Matt, Danny
11am Travis, Matt, Danny Travis, Matt, Danny
12am Travis, Matt, Danny Travis, Matt, Danny
1pm Travis, Matt, Danny Travis, Matt, Danny
2pm Travis, Matt, Danny Travis, Matt, Danny
3pm Travis, Matt, Danny Travis, Matt, Danny
4pm Travis, Matt, Danny Travis, Matt, Danny
5pm Travis, Matt, Danny Travis, Matt, Danny
6pm Travis, Matt, Danny N/A

Booth Check-out Check-in

  • Brochures
  • Business cards
  • Power cords (Exact number)
  • Power bars (Exact number)
  • Monitor & Cables
  • Laptop & Cables
  • Tormach samples
  • Laser samples
  • ... Make sure everything PS-owned that is supposed to leave the building gets added to this list, and checked back in when it's returned home.