Brake, shear, roller, 52" (Magnum) ID:142

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Type Metal brake/shear/roller
Make/Model Magnum 52"
Serial number
Original owner John Warga
Loan status TBC
Arrival date TBC
Location Metalworking area
Functional status Ok
Usage permissions Members
Certification See Usage Notes
Wiki-ID 142
Label 1.0" 1.5" 2.0"

Usage Notes

From the mailing list:

It is not an aluminum bender, it is a sheet metal machine that can bend, roll and cut sheet metal (mild steel or aluminum). It can handle mild steel up to 18 gauge, and although it does not have a spec for aluminum sheet, I would guess that it would be fine to about 14 gauge with aluminum. It should not be used to cut stainless steel over about 20 gauge, but bending or rolling should be fine on even slightly thicker material as long as you are not putting too much force on the machine.

NEVER cut or bend any sort of wire with it. It can be used to roll rod and wire up to about 3/8" in diameter.

Don't cut, bend or roll your fingers or any other body extremities - you will not be happy with the result. If you are doing something with this machine and it starts to hurt, stop doing it immediately to avoid any injuries. Be careful, the edges of cut sheets can be very sharp.


Manual for this actual machine, very little useful information beyond a parts diagram: File:Magnum_Shear_Brake_Slip_Roll_Owners_Manual.pdf

Manual for a similar but smaller machine that actually covers use: File:t21320_m.pdf