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Type Bench Grinder
Make/Model Powerfist
Serial number 283205-00P
Original owner Tremaine
Loan status Donated to Protospace
Arrival date Pre 2013
Location Metalworking Shop
Functional status Working
Usage permissions Open to Members & Friends
Certification Demo/Read Notes
Wiki ID 39


  • A bench grinder is for grinding steels or deburring steel or aluminum (if fitted with a wire wheel).


  • 3/4 HP (550 W)
  • 8" Wheels
  • 3500 RPM
  • 120V, 1.2A unloaded, ~5A loaded (?)

Usage Notes

  • Use the guard
  • Use eye protection at all times
  • Grinding is loud, ear protection is suggested, hearing damage may result
  • First contact is often surprisingly strong, grip extra tight
  • Grinding metal gets hot, pause to let it cool or douse it in water
  • DO NOT wear gloves, they are a tangling hazard and will result in worse injuries
  • Angle metal downward or it can kick out at you
  • Do not load motor down so that it slows, exert less pressure and grind slower if an audible speed difference is heard in RPM