Printer, 44" Large Format (HP DesignJet T1200), ID:166

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Type Printer, 44" Large Format
Make/Model HP DesignJet T1200
Serial number ???
Original owner Protospace
Loan status N/A
Arrival date 2022-11-6
Location Classrooom
Functional status Working
Usage permissions None
Certification None
Wiki-ID 166
Label 1.0" 1.5" 2.0"


User Manual: File:C01914944.pdf

Service Manual: File:Dsjt1200.pdf

Using the Printer

To use the printer, print from any computer at the space on the windows domain that has the printer driver installed.

Cost is automatically calculated based on square area + ink consumption by the printer driver; The total is charged to the user's Protocoin Balance.

The larger the area, or the more saturated the picture, the higher the price.


Loading Ink: The T1200 uses six HP 72 ink cartridges. We have found that brand name ink cartridges aren't worth the difference in cost of funds. Ink is changed by selecting the menu button from the front panel and selecting Ink > Replace Ink Cartridge. Follow the on screen steps. Ink Cartridges are located under the smoky color and gray bulbous panel on the left side of the printer

Ink Head Information: The T1200 uses three HP 72 ink heads. Each head prints two colors. As of the time of writing (Dec. 2022) the T1200 has three remanufactured print heads that are of dubious quality. Highly recommended to replace the print heads with new name brand ones when replacement is required. New HP print heads are approximately $115/ea

Loading paper:

Loading paper Two.jpg
Loading paper Three.jpg
Loading paper Four.jpg
Loading paper five.jpg
Loading paper Six.jpg
Loading paper seven.jpg

Loading paper Eight.jpg

Loading paper nine.jpg

Loading paper ten.jpg