Plasma Cutter (Hypertherm, Powermax85) ID:173

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Front panel
Type Hypertherm Powermax85 Plasma Cutter
Make/Model Powermax85
Serial number ?
Original owner Protospace?
Loan status N/A
Arrival date 2022?
Location Welding
Functional status Operational
Usage permissions Training/demonstration
Certification none
Wiki-ID 173
Label 1.0" 1.5" 2.0"


Duty Cycle 40% @ 85 A 200 – 208 V, 1 PH

Output Voltage 143V

208v Wall Current @ 85A torch output = 58A


Welding area has a 40a 208v circuit. Must de-rate settings below max to prevent popping breaker.

Requires user to provide plasma cutter consumables. See attachments for part numbers and assembly:

Torch, Swirl Ring, Retaining Cap, and Shield should not wear frequently and are provided.

Electrode and Nozzle are wear items and must be provided. Do not attempt to use the cutter without these parts installed.

(red) consumables responsibility of user
Alternate consumables for different tasks not provided / responsibility of the user.




Consumables are pictured to the right. Sources include Kristian Electric, KMS tools and Air Liquide.