Monthly Meetings

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Monthly Meetings for members only are held on the 2nd Saturday of every month at 2pm-4pm MST

This is for active members to come together and discuss what’s been happening at Protospace, what needs to be happening, what decisions need to be made.

This members only time is an opportunity to deal with any Protospace business arising, and doing any maintenance on the space itself (this will be a big clear-out time, so if you tend to leave unlabeled stuff around, be sure to come down to help keep your things from ending up in the lost and found bin).

Protospace is a member driven, member managed organization. This is YOUR space and your organization; your voice and stewardship are greatly needed.

Members are encouraged to bring up items to discuss but please add them to the proper agenda page listed below for that month, items not on the list may not be dealt with if time runs out, also be sure to add a few notes on your agenda item.