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Type Miniature Lathe
Make/Model Taig Microlathe II
Serial number DUnn0
Original owner Edgar Yajure
Loan status Long Term Loan
Arrival date Sep 16,2014
Location On the shelf above the welding table
Functional status Working
Usage permissions Members and friends Only
Certification Self-assessment of competence or ask Edgar.
Wiki ID 47


This little guy looks cute and all but it is a real metalworking tool and it must be treated as such. It will probably have a hard time killing you, but it can hurt you in many of the same ways its larger siblings can. check out where there are also lists of all kind of fun accessories.

Please note that this lathe does not have its own power switch which is why I lent it attached to its own power bar (Lazy). Please keep them together as one could inadvertently turn the rather spunky motor by plugging it in directly to the wall.

The chuck key (a shorter 1/4 in rod) is currently AWL somewhere in my trunk but you can use the axial stop as long as you hold it close to the chuck, or else you will bend the rod.

The little guy is capable of pretty decent precision but you need to take time, care and patience to true the tail stock as well as the jaws to the center of rotation. You can buy full blanks at LeeValley if you need to clamp something with minimum pressure. Please refrain from machining the existing aluminum jaws as they are the only jaws I have and you can't put the Al back on.

There is a handful of small tools that live with the lathe: namely all the Allen wrenches required to adjust the lathe, a handful of carbide bits and the 3/8 chuck. Please keep all of these together and with the lathe. I will make some sort of a better box to ensure this all stays together.

Last: Only engage pulley grooves that are in line with each other or else you will wear the belt right out in no time. When done, release the tension by picking both smallest pulleys so the belt does not stretch

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