Garment graphic printer, direct inject (Brother GT-361) ID:146

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Brother GT-3 Series Direct Inject Garment Printer
Type Brother GT-3 Series Direct Inject Garment Printer
Make/Model GT-361
Serial number ??
Original owner Robb Leece
Loan status ??
Arrival date ??
Location Sewing Room
Functional status ??
Usage permissions ??
Certification ??
Wiki-ID 146
Label 1.0" 1.5" 2.0"


GT-3 Series Instruction Manual

GT-3 Series Product Page

GT-3 Product Brochure

Brother Direct-To-Garment Technical Support Page - Pick the GT-3 PRINTERS section for FAQs and Downloads


Late 2021

White cartridge is dead and non-repairable - we've tried. Story goes that it was unplugged against the warning labels, so it couldn't maintain its mandatory flush/clean cycle, and the titanium dioxide set in the lines/cartridge. Good luck getting that out. Replacement is prohibitively expensive.

White is disabled in firmware. "Lines need to be cleaned" and it'll CMY, no-K.


Robb L has taken the DTG printer home. Legend has it he was able to fix it within 1 hour.