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Membership Policies

As adopted January 10, 2015


The cost of monthly membership dues is set by the membership, and will be reviewed at each AGM.

In some circumstances, the membership dues could change mid-year.

In the event of any increase in membership dues, members who have pre-paid dues will be

considered paid in full if paid before the increase takes effect.

The current membership dues are:

Full Member: $50 per month

Student Member: $30 per month

Friend Member: $10 per month


Any level of membership may receive one month free by prepaying a full year (12 months):

Full Member: $550 per year

Student Member: $330 per year

Friend Member: $110 per year

A new prospective member may prepay for two months and receive one month free, only at their

initial sign-up.

Full Member: $100 (first 90 days)

Student Member: $60 (first 90 days)

In essence, this provides their probationary period at no cost. This has been found to increase the

number of probationary members returning and becoming full members. This 3-for-2 does not apply

to Friend Memberships.

No refunds are available for prepaid (discounted) memberships. In the event that a probationary

member is not successfully vetted, the Directors may return the unused portion of a 90 day or 12

month membership if the Directors believe the circumstances warrant doing so, and if it was the

probationary member’s first (and only) payment.

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Bay 108, 1530 27 Avenue NE Adopted January 10, 2015

Calgary, AB, Canada


Unless otherwise stated in the Articles of Association, Bylaws or Membership Termination Policy,

any member who has not paid dues for three months and has not made alternate arrangements

shall lapse for non-payment, and no longer be a member. This is an administrative process and does

not require a vote.


A member may request that their membership be placed on “vacation status” for up to 12 months,

to accommodate changes in circumstances, extended travel or out-of-town work assignments, etc.

The only advantage to a “vacation” is that a member does not need to re-apply and be re-vetted,

and may participate in discussions on the private members group/forum. A member on “vacation”

status does not have a vote. Door access for Members on “vacation” will be disabled. It is assumed

that the member will not be able to access the space, and therefore is not entitled to use

equipment, or participate in training or events during the “vacation” status.

After twelve months, the member must re-apply.

Members must be active and paid up for at least three months between “vacations”. The directors

may terminate the vacation status of a member if they believe the member has no intent of

returning (although the member may choose a Friend membership in that case).

The membership status of “vacation” may be known or visible to other members.

Members should consider converting to “Friend” membership instead.


A member who is behind in payments may propose a payment arrangement to the Directors. The

directors may accept a reasonable payment arrangement to allow the member to continue as a

member and prevent the membership from lapsing.

However, as membership status can be seen by other members, other members may be aware that

an amount remains outstanding.

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Bay 108, 1530 27 Avenue NE Adopted January 10, 2015

Calgary, AB, Canada


The general practice at Protospace is to allow any member to self-identify as a “Student”. The

“Student Membership” is also available to artists, unemployed persons, young adults, and those in

temporary financial difficulty.

If the Directors believe a Member is taking unfair advantage of the Student Membership discount,

the Directors may request proof of student status or an affirmation from the Member of financial

need. If the Directors continue to believe the Member should not receive a Student rate, the

Directors may formally request the Member move to a full Membership. If the matter remains

unsettled, a Director or the Member may bring it to a General or Members’ Meeting for final



Upon request, members may change between “Full”, “Student” and “Friend” memberships, as

needed, according to their circumstances.

A request could be refused if a member makes an unreasonable number of change requests.

The class of membership of any member may be known or visible to other members.


A member who resigns may re-join without being vetted again, within a year. (In effect, the same as

a “vacation”.)

A member who has not been a member for over a year must re-apply and be vetted.

A member who lets their membership lapse for non-payment must re-apply and be vetted.

A member whose membership was terminated for cause must reapply and be vetted, and must wait

the time specified in the Member Termination Policy.

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Bay 108, 1530 27 Avenue NE Adopted January 10, 2015