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As discussed previously on the Administration list

  1. Protospace will automatically reimburse any members for pre-approved and routine expenses incurred by the member on behalf of Protospace.
  2. Protospace will reimburse members for other expenses on the authority of the directors or approval of the membership.
  3. Reimbursements will not be paid out to a member while funds are owed to Protospace by the member.

Motion 16K-3: Protospace adopt the policy outlined above
Moved by: Mike Morrow
Seconded by: Alan
Result: Passed


As updated at the November 2017 meeting, and discussed on the Administration list

  1. Submit your request for reimbursement electronically to "".
  2. Your request should include:
    • What you bought / What is it? (What)
    • Why it was bought / What is it for? (Why)
    • Your name, especially, if you use an alias or non-obvious email / Who are you? (Who)
    • If it is specifically pre-approved (motion or policy), please note that
    • A receipt, statement or similar documentation. If there is no documentation, please describe why. (How much)
    • How you want to be repaid:
      • paypal,
      • interac (email transfer)
      • "on account" (against current/future memberships or courses)
      • Cash (for small amounts, subject to availability, on Tuesday nights)
      • Cheque
  3. Large amounts or unexplained items may require time for the directors to discuss or bring to a meeting. Routine items, expected items, and items already approved by motion will just be paid.
  4. If you owe money to Protospace (behind on dues, unpaid course, et cetera), you will not be paid until your negative balance is cleared.

It is your responsibility to include the details. Do not expect to be "chased down" if things are missing.