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Electronic Voting Policy

Approved Sept 8, 2016

Many issues at Protospace are decided by a vote of members. Members’ votes may be required under

the Articles of Association, a Policy, or because the Directors cannot or do not wish to proceed without

clear authorization from the membership.

Sometimes, issues arise that require a decision in a time frame that does not allow for a meeting to be

held in person.

Therefore, the Directors may authorize a members’ vote to be conducted via electronic means (such as

email or a web site). In addition, any issue may be deferred to an electronic vote if not concluded at a

meeting, if so desired by the meeting.

The following conditions shall govern electronic voting:

1. All members who would be eligible to vote at a meeting are eligible to vote on an electronic


2. The opportunity to vote shall be announced to eligible voters in a manner that is reasonably

expected to include all members. (Examples may include: minutes of a meeting, newsgroup

announcements, web site postings, direct email to the members list, signage at the facility, etc.)

3. Any eligible members without access to electronic communications may submit a written vote

by providing it to a director or designate.

4. Proxy votes are not accepted, as each member may vote online or in writing.

5. The question to be decided must be:

 stated completely in one document or message, and

 phrased in a “yes/no” or “approve/not approve” format or a small list of specific options

(such as choose one of [a], [b] or [c]).

The preceding conditions do not preclude online discussion, debate or the presentation of

options, but the final “vote” must be on a clear yes/no or multiple choice question.

6. Votes may be conducted in a confidential manner, where members do not know how other

members have voted (the electronic equivalent of a “secret ballot”); or in an open manner (the

electronic equivalent of a “show of hands”), depending on the matter being decided.

7. The Directors or their designate conducting the vote shall publish the results to all members

entitled to vote, and shall provide some method of confirming that a vote has been received.

Calgary Protospace Ltd Page 2 of 2 Electronic Voting Policy

Bay 108, 1530 27 Avenue NE Approved September 8, 2016

Calgary, AB, Canada

8. Any electronic vote shall be recorded formally at the next members’ meeting or general


9. Any implementation shall include algorithms and safeguards to ensure fairness and the

appropriate level of confidentiality.