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== Resources & Information ==
== Resources & Information ==
[[List of Links and Email Addresses]]
[[Protospace Membership Guidebook]]
[[Protospace Membership Guidebook]]

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Welcome to the Wiki of Protospace - Calgary's Local Hackerspace!

Our goal at Protospace is to facilitate innovative and collaborative projects in Calgary, Alberta Canada. This wiki is for our members to use and for the public to see.

To get a feel for the look here is our bay area and our upstairs area

To The Members

This wiki is a knowledgebase to organize projects, ideas and dynamic information.

To create your wiki account, go here: Create New Account

Please add and edit pages to document things you've done or planned, but please try to be organized and follow existing conventions. Be Excellent to Each Other.

Tools At The Space

Tools We Have - A gallery of most of our big notable tools, pages for each on who they belong to, who's allowed to use them, etc.

Happenings At Protospace

Space Upgrades

Ongoing Projects


Resources & Information

List of Links and Email Addresses

Protospace Membership Guidebook

Where to source tools and materials

Obsolete Pages



Main Site

Discussion List






Protospace Open/Closed Status Twitter Account