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* '''Name:''' {{{toolname}}}
* '''Type:''' {{{toolname}}}
* '''Make/Model:''' {{{model}}}
* '''Make/Model:''' {{{model}}}
* '''Serial Number:''' {{{serial}}}
* '''Serial Number:''' {{{serial}}}
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{{Equipment page
{{Equipment page
| toolname      = Name of the tool
| toolname      = Type of tool
| model        = Make and/or model of tool
| model        = Make and/or model of tool
| serial        = Serial number (if applicable)
| serial        = Serial number (if applicable)

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This template is intended to be used on all tool pages (except pages of tools that are no longer at Protospace—those should use Template:Equipment page removed). Follow the procedure outlined on the Adding New Tools Procedure page to add a page for a new tool.

The template's syntax is as follows:

{{Equipment page
| toolname      = Type of tool
| model         = Make and/or model of tool
| serial        = Serial number (if applicable)
| owner         = Original owner/donor (or buyers if the tool was group-bought)
| loanstatus    = Short-term loan, semi-permanent loan, or donated to Protospace
| arrived       = When the equipment showed up
| location      = Where one can find the tool/where it belongs
| status        = "Functional"/"Working", "Broken"/"Needs fixing", etc.
                      (If it needs fixing, please elaborate later in the article.)
| permission    = "Private", "Ask owner first"," Open to full members",
                      "Open to members & friends", "Open to all", or something else as appropriate
| certification = "Self-taught" or "Certification required" as appropriate
| id            = Unique ID number redirecting to the tool's page
| caption       = (optional) A caption for the image, if you're not using manual image markup via itemphoto
| itemphoto     = (optional) A file link to a photo of the tool.
                      Standardly [[File:filename.jpg|350px|thumb|right|<caption goes here>]] with the appropriate filename substituted.
                      (You will need to upload the file if it doesn't already exist on the wiki.)

It generates the following on the tool page:

← Back to tools gallery

  • Name: {{{toolname}}}
  • Make/Model: {{{model}}}
  • Serial Number: {{{serial}}}
  • Original Owner: {{{owner}}}
  • Loan Status: {{{loanstatus}}}
  • Arrival Date: {{{arrived}}}
  • Location: {{{location}}}
  • Functional Status: {{{status}}}
  • Usage Permissions: {{{permission}}}
  • Certification: {{{certification}}}
  • Wiki ID: {{{id}}}

It also adds the page to Category:Tools.