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Updated link to Template:Equipment page
=== Equipment pages ===
Pages for equipment we currently have should use [[Template:EquipmentPageEquipment page]], while those for equipment we no longer have should use [[Template:EquipmentPage removed]]. Note that the latter adds a few fields relating to the removal and substitute tools. (When updating the wiki for a piece of equipment being removed, don't forget to move it to the ''Old Equipment Removed'' section of the [[Tools We Have]] page.) See the templates' documentation pages for details on using them.
After the template and before any further sections, please add any categories appropriate for the equipment. The templates automatically add [[:Category:Tools]] or [[:Category:Tools no longer at Protospace]], respectively. The other categories to apply to tools are subcategories of those; you can browse their child categories to find appropriate categories to add. Adding categories is done with the same syntax as links. For example, including the code <nowiki>[[Category:Woodworking tools]]</nowiki> adds the page to that category. (To link to a category as seen earlier in this paragraph, use e.g. <nowiki>[[:Category:Woodworking tools]]</nowiki>.)