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* 24/7 access to its members
* 24/7 access to its members
* Hundreds of common tools with more added every week (see our Tools wiki!)
* Hundreds of common tools with more added every week (see our [[tools we have|tools page]]!)
* Over a dozen 8' wide work surfaces
* Over a dozen 8' wide work surfaces
* Sizable assigned shelves for personal projects and private tools storage
* Sizable assigned shelves for personal projects and private tools storage

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What is Protospace?

Protospace is a Calgary's Makerspace. We make space for people to make things. Legally we are Calgary Protospace Ltd. a not-for-profit corporation registered in the province of Alberta. Protospace is owned and operated by its members as a co-operative.

Physically, Protospace is a 3100 square foot industrial facility. Our facility has electronics, woodworking, metalworking, welding, drafting, lasercutting and automotive workshop areas. There is also a lounge and conference room for meetings and events, a small arcade, a snack room and storage rooms for members' projects.

Why become a member?

  • Do you wish you had a workshop, but have no space, funds, or time to build one?
  • Do you wish you could use tools during hours unfriendly to children, roommates, spouses, or neighbors?
  • Do you live in an apartment, condo, or dorm without room to work on projects?
  • Are you an entrepreneur or small business owner looking for an accessible prototyping facility to get your business off the ground?
  • Are you looking for people to mentor and pass your skills onto?
  • Are you an artist or maker looking to collaborate with others of many different skillsets?
  • Do you fancy yourself a friendly mad scientist looking for people who might appreciate and be supportive of your crazy tinkering?

Protospace was built for and by people just like you! More than anything, members describe Protospace as a place filled with people who "get it", whatever the "it" is that they want to create.

In practical terms, Protospace provides:

  • 24/7 access to its members
  • Hundreds of common tools with more added every week (see our tools page!)
  • Over a dozen 8' wide work surfaces
  • Sizable assigned shelves for personal projects and private tools storage
  • Occasional large project storage and build space
  • A place to communicate, collaborate, and hang out with other makers

How do I join Protospace?

We're open for the public to tour and share every Tuesday between 7pm and 10pm. This coincides with our weekly get-together so we're often filled with people who've brought projects to work on and show off. Lots to see and learn and plenty of people to meet. Show up and ask for anyone to give you a tour.

If Protospace seems like something you want to be part of, there's only a little paperwork standing in your way. Ask anyone for a membership form and waiver.

First, at least two members must sponsor you as someone they think will be friendly, trustworthy, and beneficial to the membership. So, show up on Tuesdays and get to know people. If you're not very social, don't worry, many of our members feel the same way and have had no problem talking to others like them.

Second, pick what level of membership you'd like. Protospace has two membership levels:

Full Membership - $55/month (or $600/year if purchasing a year at once)

This is the main membership. Full Members get 24/7 access to all tools, a place to keep their stuff, voting rights, event hosting, digital space and other minor perks.

Friend Membership - $10/month (or optionally, more)

This is a minimal, restricted form of membership. Friends are people who either believe in and want to show their support for Protospace but don't see use for Full Membership themselves, or, people who intend to only show up and work on personal projects with someone who is a Full Member. Friend Members have no personal access, cannot be at the space unsupervised, and are restricted from using some of the tools. Friend Members are also not given storage space, their projects and personal effects must leave with them when they depart. Friend Members are welcome to participate in administrative meetings, but have no voting rights.

Additionally, if you are a student, senior, or otherwise on demonstrable low income and are unable to afford Full Membership, ask to talk to a director in person about a possible reduced "Starving Artist" rate.

As a non-profit with no paid staff, rest assured 100% of dues paid stay within Protospace to help it pay rent, utilities, insurance, upgrades, etc.

Members are also free to quit at any time. No hassles.

How do things get done at Protospace?

For personal projects, show up whenever you want and work on anything you want. Just like a membership to a gym. It's that simple.

For Protospace upgrades, except where law mandates licensed contractors, everything at Protospace has been done by volunteer efforts. Protospace is a "do-ocracy" where possible - those willing to do the work decide what to do. If members want something done a certain way, they show up and help.

Protospace has a volunteer board of directors elected annually from the membership. Directors are responsible for Protospace meeting its legal obligations (paperwork and money handling), but there are no legal officers. Decisions that affect many members are made at optionally-attended monthly meetings by the membership.

Protospace has one, all-encompassing rule: "Be Excellent to Each Other", which covers almost every other possible circumstance.

Head on over any Tuesday evening to get the tour and find out more!