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  • Type: Milling machine
  • Make/Model: ACRA AM4V
  • Serial Number: ??
  • Original Owner: Protospace
  • Loan Status: Owned by Protospace
  • Arrival Date: 2015-12-22
  • Location: Metal shop
  • Functional Status: Running
  • Usage Permissions: Open to full members
  • Certification: Certification Required: lathe and mill training
  • Wiki ID: 48


Table Size: 10" x 54"
Longitudinal Travel (X axis): 39 1/2" (power feed available)
Cross Travel (Y axis): 16"
Vertical Knee Travel (Z axis): 16"
Over Ram Travel: 18"
T-Slot Size: 3, 5/8"
Quill Travel: 5" (power feed available)
  • 2-Axis DRO (Anilam Wizard 450) on X and Y
  • Separate DRO for Z-quill (not knee)


Tool Holders
  1. ER40 collet tool holder
    Collets available: 1/8" to 1" collets available (1/16" increments??)
    Typically ER40 collets can collapse to hold less than or equal to 1mm (0.026")smaller than stated size [should be confirmed]
  2. Jacobs style drill chuck
Work Holding
  1. Kurt Milling Vice
  2. Dividing Head
  3. Rotary Table
Milling Cutters
  • Various available, however whenever possible user should bring their own


Acra Mill Info
DRO (Digital Read Out) - ANILAM Wizard 450
This tool has a Digital Readout. See the user manual for detailed instructions on how to use the advanced features.
Link to DRO User Manual:


This lathe was bought by Protospace using funding approved for the purchase of new machine tools at the December 2015 members' meeting. It was picked up and brought to Protospace on 2015-12-22 along with the Challenger lathe and the new 80-gallon air compressor.