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Our Discussion Groups


  • Public, searchable, open to all.
  • No confidential or internal discussions.
  • Best for discussion of projects, getting help, exploring ideas


  • Members only.
  • Can involve “spirited” debate.
  • If you chose to opt out, you may not hear of training or EGMs.

Signing up without a Google Account

London Hackspace has instructions to sign up for the mailing lists without a Google Account. Just substitute the names of our lists for theirs. This is not yet tested; please try it if you're in this situation and report your results.

Email Addresses

All of the current directors:

Public contact and general information:

Paypal or Interac payments:

Web Pages - Main Web site, includes Events and calendar - Wiki, includes more quickly changing information

Physical Address (also for Postal Mail)

Calgary Protospace Ltd.
1530 27th Avenue NE, Bay 108
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
T2E 7S6

Here is a Google Map to our location.


Our telephone number is +1 (587) 774-5672

You will be asked to leave a message, which is sent by email. Save a step and just email us. :)

Social Media - The door feed tells you when Protospace is open - Our general Twitter feed - Our Flicker page of photos - Our Facebook Group - Our YouTube Channel