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Type Laser Cutter
Make/Model RL1290
Serial number ??
Original owner Brian Queen
Loan status Semi-Permanent Loan
Arrival date Before 2013
Location Main Bay
Functional status Functional
Usage permissions Members & Friends Only
Certification Must complete Laser Certification
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Arguably the most popular tool at Protospace, the Laser Cutter uses a CO2 laser to cut & engrave a variety of non-metal materials (though some metals can be engraved).


We currently have LaserCut 5.3 installed on the computer connected to the Laser Cutter. Unfortunately LaserCut 5.3 requires a USB dongle to be hooked up to the PC at all times as a form of DRM. If you're running a personal copy you are restricted to a demo version (no saving - though there is a work around). Later versions (6.1+) have dropped the USB dongle requirement but can't communicate with our laser cutter directly.


LaserCut 5.3 (Google Drive, Direct from Leetro) for Windows.
The full version, but requires a special SenseLock USB Dongle to be connected to the PC running it or the software is limited to a demo mode (which is still useful for familiarizing yourself with the program). This version is needed in order to communicate with our laser cutter, as 6.1 doesn't support ours.

LaserCut 6.1 (Google Drive, Direct from Leetro) for Windows. Not directly compatible with our laser cutter
The full version with no restrictions. Can be used to prepare files for the earlier version of LaserCut (5.3). Both versions of LaserCut can be installed at the same time.

It is imperative that you do a Chlorine Test on unapproved materials before working on them with the Laser Cutter


  • 80 watt
  • 4x3' CNC bed
  • Front shield can be dropped to insert pieces longer than 3'
  • Water cooled & Ducted
  • Can cut or etch up to 1/2" thick light materials such as woods and some plastics
  • Cannot cut any chlorinated synthetics (some types of plastics & rubbers)

Usage Notes

  • Complete Laser Certification to learn how to use the laser. Training is offered about once a month.
  • Perform a simple Chlorine Test on unapproved materials, as cutting or etching chlorinated materials damages the optics
  • See Power Levels page for notes and details on cutting and etching various materials
  • Power modulation is in a restricted range in the software due to a firmware bug (Approximately 8%-30% represents 0%-100% power)
  • Controller occasionally locks up after large cut jobs. E-stop immediately if job timer does not increment in first 5 seconds of job. Post to list for recovery instructions
  • Consult our Laser Standard Operating Procedure


  • Originally on loan for 6 months (ending Aug 2012) in exchange for Protospace performing repairs.
    • Loan has been extended.

Repairs Needed

  • Upgrades discussed
    • Adding air cooling to optics and laser head block
    • Convincing power supply to modulate power levels properly
    • Seal display on controller to prevent smoke from clouding over time.