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There is a PDF version of this document here.

Prospective Member

Step 1

Get a tour. Meet people. Ask Questions.

Step 2

Take an Application Form, read it over, fill it in.

Step 3

Sign the Application.

Step 4

Sign the Release Agreement

Step 5

Pay your dues (Paypal, Interac Email, Cash or Cheque).

Your trial membership starts

Trial (Probationary) Member

Step 6

Use the space as a trial (probationary) member for 1 to 2 months.

  • You can use the space when other members are present.
  • Before using any tools, you must complete the General Safety Course.
  • To get the most benefit from your trial month, visit often and read and participate in the Protospace Discussion e-mail list.

Step 7

Seek two existing members as sponsors. Be approved by the membership.

Your full membership Starts

Full (Vetted) Member

Step 8

As a full member,

  • Request your own key card/fob for 24x7 access.
  • Request a storage shelf to leave items at the space.
  • Review the “First In/Last Out” (opening and locking) instructions.
  • Understand the culture, etiquette and protocols around large projects, or bringing in new tools or equipment.
  • Participate in administrative discussions. Help build consensus.
  • Vote on issues as needed.
  • Keep your dues current.
  • Make stuff! Do stuff!
  • Be excellent to others, and welcome the next new member!