Woodshop Rebuild (2013)

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This page is archived as its information is no longer current.
Last update: in October 2013.
Current information on this subject can be found at nowhere.


Member name: Matt F

Member contact: Email, found via list.

Project name & pitch: Woodshop Rebuild. For Protospace. Encompasses: radial arm saw, pegboard & steel shelving on the Transition Projects list. Also, table saw, new workbench, table shuffling, and others. Details expanded below.

Storage location: Woodshop & scattered during construction

Project start date: 31 Aug, 2013

Final Deadline: 01 Dec, 2013


  • 02 Sept, 2013 - Overhead shelf is half done. Waiting on workbench to size remaining build.
  • 04 Sept, 2013 - Travis, Jim, Hayley, & Matt migrate 400 lb workbench into Protospace.
  • 08 Sept, 2013 - Travis, Dave B, Kevin, Hayley, Robb & Matt assist in welding up 2nd rack and relocating some tools, shuffling 8 foot workbenches.
  • 11 Sept, 2013 - Hayley finishes cutting and sanding letters for Woodworking sign, Robb donates stain.
  • 20 Sept, 2013 - No progress.
  • 27 Sept, 2013 - Some shuffling, some planning, mezzanine sourced, no build progress.
  • 09 Oct, 2013 - Project stalled until mezzanine in place.

Additional Details

  • Table saw is getting a table built for it, so it can double as a workbench.
  • Travis is bringing in his personal woodworking bench with all kinds of fancy features. He's waiting on a trailer, help, and time.
  • 2nd metal overhead shelf is getting welded, will be where tools are stored and each will have its designated place.
  • Remaining pegboard will cover back wall (I gave away most of it to members since we didn't need much).
  • Radial arm saw table will be fitted somewhere.