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[[File:Streetview.png|thumb|right|312px|  1530 27th Avenue NE, Bay 108<br /> Calgary, Alberta, Canada<br /> T2E 7S6<br />  [,-114.0255015,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x537177754cb71bf9:0xa0039e8a3e820581 <i span class="fa fa-map-marker"></ispan> Directions via Google Maps]<br />|link=,-114.0255015,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x537177754cb71bf9:0xa0039e8a3e820581]]
'''Welcome to the Wiki of [ Protospace] - Calgary's Maker and Hacker Space!'''
== Making at the Space ==
To get a rough feel for our space here is an interactive, 360&deg; view of our [ s/bbZ26vbh3l8Co5Fimb3QVdOam main baybays] and [ s/bNWSrBLS2rRcM4Wew5Rv3Kygq upstairs area]. We have since expanded into the bay next door, virtually doubling the size of our space.
Here's an unfinished is a gallery of [[Tools We Have|tools we have]] with links to pages describing who they belong to, required in-house certifications, & and other info.
You might also find it helpful to know [[Where to source tools and materials|where to source tools and materials]].
Our space has some additional amenities such as [ computers], bathrooms, Wi-Fi, kitchen, office, [ <span title="36&quot;W x 18&quot;D x 15&quot;H">personal shelves</span>], and [ suppliesmaterials], & accessibility and is accessible via public transit.
<div class="main-pagelinks"> <b>'''Happenings</b>'''<br /> [[Event calendar|<i span class="fa fa-calendar"></ispan> Event Calendar]]<br /> [ <i span class="fa fa-graduation-cap"></ispan> Sign up for Classes, Courses, & Seminars]<br /> [[:Category:OngoingProjects|<i span class="fa fa-calendar-plus-o"></ispan> Ongoing Projects]]<br /> </div>
<div class="main-pagelinks"> <b>'''Resources & Information</b>'''<br /> [[Tools we have|<i span class="fa fa-wrench"></ispan> Tools We Have]]<br /> [[Tools we want|<i span class="fa fa-star"></ispan> Tools We Want]]<br /> [[Where to source tools and materials|<i span class="fa fa-cubes"></ispan> Sourcing Tools & Materials]]<br /> [[Media & Downloads|<i span class="fa fa-play-circle"></ispan> Media & Downloads]]<br /> [[Obsolete Pages|<i span class="fa fa-trash-o"></ispan> Obsolete Pages]]<br /> [[Resources For Makers|<i span class="fa fa-question-circle"></ispan> Resources For Makers]]<br /> [[faq|<i span class="fa fa-question-circle"></ispan> FAQ]]<br /> </div>
<div class="main-pagelinks"> <b>'''Policies & Documents</b>'''<br /> [[Wiki Conventions|<i span class="fa fa-list-ol"></ispan> Wiki Conventions]]<br /> [[Approved Policies|<i span class="fa fa-check-circle"></ispan> Approved Policies]]<br /> [ <i span class="fa fa-gavel"></ispan> Legal Documents & Corporate Registry Filings]<br /> [[Legal Notices|<i span class="fa fa-user-secret"></ispan> Legal Notices regarding Privacy and Data Collection]]<br /> [ <i span class="fa fa-users"></ispan> Meeting Documents]<br /> </div>
<div class="main-pagelinks"> <b>'''Links</b>'''<br /> [ <i span class="fa fa-youtube-square"></ispan> YouTube]<br /> [ <i span class="fa fa-twitter"></ispan> Twitter]<br /> [ <i span class="fa fa-twitter"></ispan> Protospace Door]<br /> [[List of Links and Email Addresses|<i span class="fa fa-envelope"></ispan> Links and Email Addresses]]<br /> [[Set up a payment|<i span class="fa fa-paypal"></ispan> Set up a Payment]]<br /> </div>

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