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Wiki conventions

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We use This wiki uses the [ MediaWiki]wiki software (the same software that runs Wikipedia). For additional help with editing , see
== FontAwesome Conventions ==
=== Page titles ===Generally, page titles should be lowercase except for the first letter (which MediaWiki requires to be uppercase (though there is a workaround in case it needs to be displayed lowercase)). This allows linking to the article without having to unnaturally capitalize the title: <nowiki>[[large project storage]]</nowiki> instead of <nowiki>[[Large Project Storage]]</nowiki>. MediaWiki automatically handles it when you make a link with no uppercase first letter, but the other uppercase letters in the article title must be uppercase in the link for the link to work (unless you manually create a redirect). Unfortunately, when Matt F created most of the pages on the wiki, he did not think of this, leaving us with many pages with capitalized titles. Ian O is gradually decapitalizing them. An exception to the above is titles that are formal titles of articles rather than just descriptive titles of pages. This can be somewhat subjective; it really depends on how you want people to mention your article in other articles. ==== Equipment page titles ====Equipment page titles should follow the format ''<equipment type>[, <salient and/or differentiating qualities>][ (<make and model>)]'', where square brackets indicate optional parts and angle brackets indicate parts you fill in with the appropriate information. (This is a ''fully qualified equipment name''; future improvements to the wiki will allow tools to also be referred to by short names, with some degree of automatic generation and association between the different kinds of names. FQENs allow easy disambiguation and sorting.) '''Examples of good equipment page titles:''' [[Air compressor, 80-gallon (MAXair Premium)]], [[milling machine (ACRA AM4V)]], and [[inspection mirror, 18" gooseneck]]. '''Examples of acceptable equipment page titles:''' [[Oxygen concentrator]] (doesn't contain any disambiguating qualities or make/model, but it's not really a problem because we only have one), [[jigsaw]] (same) '''Examples of bad equipment page titles:''' [[Plate Joiner]] (capitalized), [[jointer]] (was okay but we now have another one) '''Examples of very bad equipment page titles:''' [[Plasma Cutter (Yellow, huge)]] (capitalized (inconsistently); contains the wrong info in the wrong place), [[welder (Stick, orange)]] (same problems), [[vice (giant)]] (misspelled; contains the right info in the wrong place) Pages for tool collections, such as [[rulers]], [[squares]], and [[welding magnets]], have simple descriptive collection names. === Equipment pages === Pages for equipment we currently have should use [[Template:EquipmentPage]], while those for equipment we no longer have should use [[Template:EquipmentPage removed]]. Note that the latter adds a few fields relating to the removal and substitute tools. (When updating the wiki for a piece of equipment being removed, don't forget to move it to the ''Old Equipment Removed'' section of the [[Tools We Have]] page.) See the templates' documentation pages for details on using them. After the template and before any further sections, please add any categories appropriate for the equipment. The templates automatically add [[:Category:Tools]] or [[:Category:Tools no longer at Protospace]], respectively. The other categories to apply to tools are subcategories of those; you can browse their child categories to find appropriate categories to add. Adding categories is done with the same syntax as links. For example, including the code <nowiki>[[Category:Woodworking tools]]</nowiki> adds the page to that category. (To link to a category as seen earlier in this paragraph, use e.g. <nowiki>[[:Category:Woodworking tools]]</nowiki>.) === Font Awesome icons === As listed below in the ''Installed extensions and modules'' section, this wiki has Font Awesome installed. The following icons are suggested—use others that seem appropriate wherever you want: * For links that are only accessible to Protospace members (e.g. administration mailing list,, use the '''key''' icon: <i class="fa fa-key"></i> <code>&lt;i class="fa fa-key"&gt;&lt;/i&gt;</code>* For checklists, use the '''square-o''' and '''check-square-o''' icons: <i class="fa fa-square-o"></i> <code>&lt;i class="fa fa-square-o"&gt;&lt;/i&gt;</code>, <i class="fa fa-check-square-o"></i> <code>&lt;i class="fa fa-check-square-o"&gt;&lt;/i&gt;</code> == Installed extensions and modules ==The following are extensions installed on this wiki that improve the capabilities of wiki pages. Please use them where appropriate in your editing. === Font Awesome ===[ FontAwesomeFont Awesome] is an open source Icon pack, we use the provided [ BootstrapCDN] copy so we're not dragging down our shared hosting.
FontAwesome 4.4 is licensed under [ SIL OFL 1.1] (Open Font License).
'''Result:''' <i class="fa fa-smile-o"></i>
=== EmbedVideo ===
The [ EmbedVideo] Extension is a MediaWiki extension which adds a parser function called #ev for embedding video clips from over 24 popular video sharing services in multiple languages and countries. [ For Advanced usage click here.]