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Purging and moving some old pages.
Please add and edit pages to document things you've done or planned, but please try to be organized and follow existing conventions. '''''Be Excellent to Each Other.'''''
With the inevitable discourse that comes from doing this, we invite you to use the [!forum/protospace-discuss Protospace Discuss Google Group] to get the most excellent response.
== Tools At The Space ==
[[Tools We Have]] [[Tools We Want]] [[Protospace Materials]]- A gallery of most of our big notable tools, pages for each on who they belong to, who's allowed to use them, etc.
== Happenings At Protospace ==
[[Monthly Meetings]]
[[Open House Planning]]
== Ongoing Work ==
[[Where to source tools and materials]]
[[How to run the PA System]]
Skill Sets: [[Member Skill Sets|Got'em]] | [[Skills Needed|Need'em]]
[[Employment|Job Board]]
[[Event Checklist]]
[[Obsolete Pages]]

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