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The pinball machine, showing its location to the left of the large laser cutter. The laser cutter's honeycombs and a laser-cut skull are visible in the background.

  • Type: Pinball machine
  • Make/Model: Williams Road Kings
  • Serial Number: ??
  • Original Owner: Frollard
  • Loan Status: Long-term loan
  • Arrival Date: 2012 or earlier
  • Location: Next to the large laser cutter
  • Functional Status: Working with a few things broken as of 2019-01-27
  • Usage Permissions: Open to All
  • Certification: Self-taught
  • Wiki ID: 129


Manual is available as a PDF online and on paper inside the machine.

To do


  • Diagnose fuse blowing problem
    • Likely culprit: bad solenoid on jet bumper (already disassembled - discoloured)
  • Replace left flipper solenoid
    • This is the cause of the left flipper sticking on the down-stroke, and the repeated blowing of at least one fuse.
    • Order new solenoid
  • Replace all rubber bumpers
    • Order new bumpers
  • Realign flippers
    • They keep getting out of alignment no matter how much they are tightened. Maybe threadlocker would help?
  • Descale copper contacts
    • Better current flow = better power from flippers
    • Ian did one in Feb 2016.
    • Consider replacing with a different type of switches
  • [Optional] Replace lights with LED equivalents/rewire motherboard to work with LEDs
    • Rutger wants to do this pretty much immediately (as of Feb 2016).
    • Frollard is not so optimistic, because the existing matrix depends on the incandescent bulbs' resistance, making LED replacement complicated and likely not at all power-saving.
  • Resolder top front speaker wires
    • Only internal speaker works; top disconnected
  • Find replacement coin rejector
    • Player 2 quarter slot rejector missing


  • Redo exterior paint job; replace decals on side
    • Repaint?
    • Vinyl decal?
    • Image original artwork
    • Vectorize artwork
    • Sand down to wood
    • Prime and seal
    • Reapply artwork