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"^" denotes light or amateur experience.

Ben Reed

WCRS VP, Wireless Technologist

Schooling / Certs: CCNA, SAIT ITTS

Skills: Asterisk, BGP/MPLS networking, 802.11, UMTS/GSM/LTE/CDMA network engineering, community building, project management

Interests: Hydro / Aqua / Aeroponics, quad copters, RFID hacking, 3D printing

Brian Queen

Skills: Manufacturing - light steel fabrication of light fixtures. Taking an idea from the concept stage through drawings to a finished commercial product. 3D modeling, CNC routering and for something completely different - hand papermaking.

Interests: 3D modeling, laser cutting, 3D printing, hand papermaking and the bookarts. Group activities that combine our member’s skills to push the envelope and create amazing new projects.