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Follow the procedure, or your project may be considered abandoned and thrown out or claimed by other members!

Members get personal storage shelves to store their personal projects and tools. However, many times, members temporarily need more storage space to work on larger projects, and taking project items home every night is inconvenient. Large project storage (LPS) exists to alleviate this problem by allowing members to store large projects elsewhere than their member shelves for a predetermined length of time, dependent on approval from the other members and compliance with the other terms of the storage policy.

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Current large project storage assignments

There are certain designated storage shelves built for Large Project Storage. Each one has a unique identifier according to the table below; they are also physically labeled with these identifiers. Additionally, some projects may be stored outside these areas, if such storage is approved in the pitch process.

To find out if a storage shelf is in use or empty, see the table below. Please keep this table up to date when projects are approved, updated, and concluded. (Remember that weekly updates for large projects are required by the policy.) You may find the table editing reference useful.

Red (including red links) Problem. Should be moved/properly pitched to use the location, should have its wiki page written/updated, or whatever is necessary.
Orange Needs attention soon.
Location Status Pitch Deadline Start Date Last Updated Sponsor Project, or current contents
LPS-1 Not currently used as large project storage. Common-use Ethernet and other cable storage area. (Also contains a likely broken Protospace-owned UPS.)
LPS-1 (in front of left end) Some in use /
Some unclaimed but occupied
PS Admin / Robb L? Line array speakers
LPS-1 (in front of right side) Yes Ages ago but we still want it finished <2014-10-03 2015-03-04 Jamie F Cash kiosk
LPS-2 In use No Unspecified 2015-08-14 2015 Matt F CD destroyer parts; plaster cloth (?)
LPS-3 Available
LPS-4A In use Yes 2016-10-31 2016-07-09 2016-07-23 Katryna C, Ian O, Steve T Augmented reality sandbox
LPS-4B Available
LPS-5 In use Yes 2016-11-30 2016-05-29 2016-07-23 Ian Oliver Color blindness correction project
LPS-6 Not currently used as large project storage. Common-use items: box of fans, etc.
LPS-7 (right corner) Not currently used as large project storage. This is where the can crusher that Danny built is stored.
LPS-7 (right side) In use Not pitched yet None 2015/2016? Never Matt F Matt's King Canada air compressor repair
LPS-7 (left side) Not currently used as large project storage. Protospace infrastructure: hot-wire foam cutter and other tools.
LPS-8 (right side) In use No None: claims waiting for Kevin to vacate another shelf 2014/2015? Never? Danny P Basszuka parts, BMX lights, some of Danny's tools
LPS-8 (left side) Unclaimed but occupied Junk?
LPS-9 Not currently used as large project storage. This is where Danny's Basszuka is stored, along with its box.
LPS-9 (left side) Unclaimed but occupied Currently contains some green foam sheets that are now common-use material. If you want to use this shelf, find them a better home.
LPS-10 In use Yes Was 2015-11-16; extended through summer 2016 as long as there's activity 2015-11-02 2015-05-20 (Matt F) Nobody (formerly Kyle K). Looking for new builders—see update. Large metal-melting furnace/foundry
LPS-10 (right side) No None: de-facto indefinite 2015-08-14 2015 Matt F CD destroyer (geekoration pitch )
LPS-11 Unclaimed but occupied Currently contains some chemicals and a food-warming thing (?) for PCB etching, some welded drink cans, and a wide roll of paper. If you want to use this shelf, you might need to find them a better home.
LPS-12 In use Yes 2016-08-22 2016-06-14 2016-06-19 Scott Y Large crossbow
In use CD destroyer; see LPS-10
Available LPS-12 can store many tall, narrow projects at once.

Feel free to subdivide, combine, and renumber as may be necessary in the future. (Shelves can be taken out of service, etc., by writing on their labels with a dry-erase marker.) Just make sure the numbers here match the numbers posted on the storage shelves! Everyone will be confused otherwise!


  1. Pitch your project on the administration mailing list as instructed on the Storage Policy page.
  2. Update the above table to reflect where you will be storing your project, and the deadline. Please enter an edit summary. (Something like "Added project" is fine.)
    • Don't worry about color-coding or any other fancy features if you don't know how to do those things. More experienced wiki editors can handle those for you after you put in the information.
  3. Create a page for your project as described below, and add a link to your project page to the table in the Project, or current contents column.
  4. Be sure to post updates on your project page weekly, and update the date in the Last updated column when you do. (If you do not, your project may be considered abandoned under the storage policy.)

Creating a project page

  1. Create a new page in the wiki. This can be done by either of the following methods:
    • First add a link to your nonexistent page to the table. Then, after saving or previewing the page, click the link—you will get the form to start your page.
    • Navigate to your desired page title (e.g., by using the search box). The wiki will tell you it doesn't exist, and offer to let you create it. This will also get you to the form to start your page. Then you can come back here and add the link afterward.
  2. In the editor enter this code: {{subst:Project storage}}
  3. Save the page.
  4. Edit the page (which will now have the template added) to add the appropriate information. Decorate your new project page as you see fit.

If this is too confusing or isn't working the way you want, just ask for help on the admin list or via the designated wiki editors page.

History of large project storage

At the June 2013 EGM, the current storage rules were approved, after many members were greatly inconvenienced by other members' projects being left out in common work areas. They came into effect September 1, 2013. Back then, there were dozens of projects unclaimed and unsponsored in the space. See Transition Project List for details of those projects.

In May 2016, Ian O found that this page had not been updated since November 2013, and that the shelf labels were all gone with the exception of one reading "BAY B" whose referent was not clear, and decided to update both.