How Any Member Can Help Someone Join

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There is a PDF version of this document here.

Before they sign up

Step 1

Be welcoming. Be friendly. Show off your projects. Give a tour. Answer questions.

What we do at the space is super interesting to guests.

Everyone giving a tour must include the following basic safety info:

  • Emergency exits, front and back (and leaving from upstairs),
  • That emergency info is posted on each door,
  • The location of the safety gear cupboard,
  • The location of fire extinguishers,
  • The location of the first aid kit(s),
  • The location of the eye wash station,
  • The location of the muster point, outside.

Step 2

Offer them a Membership Application and explain the process.

Step 3

Answer any remaining questions. They can now sign the application.

Step 4

Give them a Release Agreement form. The member who gave the tour must also sign off on basic safety info.

Step 5

Show them how to set up a Paypal subscription.

Any member can also accept cash or cheque payments:

  • Get the cash box
  • Write out a receipt
  • Log it in the blue book
  • Return the blue book, receipt book, new payment, and cash box.

During their trial month

Step 6

Check in with them during their trial month. Introduce them to others. Be excellent to them.

Step 7

Consider being one of their sponsors. (Getting sponsors is often intimidating to the new member. Proactively offering is welcoming.)